Binaural Beats for Hypnotherapy & Meditation

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The brain can be stimulated by binaural beats which have a rhythmic pulse matching the frequency range of specific brainwaves. This process is known as entrainment and has been shown to be very effective in producing the desired therapeutic states associated with each type of brainwave. Binaural beats are embedded in the music beginning with a short higher frequency introduction which then settles into the chosen frequency range with occasional spikes to help maintain attention & focus.

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Use this long playing royalty-free music to create the perfect ambience for therapy sessions and to enhance your hypnosis recordings, guided meditations, YouTube videos & mobile apps.

Alpha Beats – Latest Releases

7 – 13Hz Linked to creativity and the state of conscious relaxation and calmness.

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Beta Beats – Latest Releases

13 – 40Hz Predominant during periods of concentration, activity, anxiety and arousal.

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Delta Beats – Latest Releases

0.5 – 4Hz Occur during periods of deep dreamless sleep and are linked to healing, recovery and pain relief.

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Theta Beats – Latest Releases

4 – 7Hz Associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

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