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Blissful music for meditation, hypnosis, deep relaxation & bodywork. These gentle ambient tracks & collections can be legitimately used as background music for all kinds of therapy and to enhance your videos, audio downloads, podcasts & apps..

Music for Meditation & Hypnosis

Royalty-free music for hypnosis & meditation  Royalty-free music for meditation & hypnosis  Royalty-free music for hypnosis & meditation

Music for Deep Relaxation

Silent Soul. Music for hypnosis, meditation & deep relaxation.    

Binaural Beats – Brainwave Entrainment


Pro-Therapy License
Format: MP3 • Use as background music for professional therapy • Record individual sessions for clients • Background music for salons & spas • Background music for classrooms & play areas • No public performance licenses required • Optional binaural beats • 30 Day money back guarantee

Digital Media License
Format: MP3 & WAV • Use the music in the production of your own products • Videos, audio downloads, mobile apps, websites and podcasts • Make and sell unlimited quantities of any product • No extra royalties or licensing fees required • Includes all Pro-Therapy Uses • Optional binaural beats • 30 Day money back guarantee

New Releases – Latest Tracks & Collections