Theta Binaural Beats

Gentle melodic music and blissful soundscapes with embedded binaural beats specially composed to help create a comfortable & secure environment for hypnosis, meditation & stress management. These 30/60 minute tracks with embedded alpha binaural beats are the perfect background music for therapy & to enhance your own videos, audio downloads, podcasts & apps.

  • Trance1

    Trance One Theta

    Chris Mullett Trance One Theta
  • First Light

    First Light Theta

    Chris Mullett First Light Theta
  • SoulCalm

    Soul Calm Theta

    Chris Mullett Soul Calm Theta
  • LotusRising

    Lotus Rising Theta

    Chris Mullett Lotus Rising Theta
  • Heartsong

    HeartSong Theta

    Chris Mullett HeartSong Theta
  • Royalty-free music for relaxation & meditation

    Vision of Peace Theta

    Chris Mullett Vision of Peace Theta
  • StarTrance

    Star Trance Theta

    Chris Mullett Star Trance Theta
  • Evening calm

    Evening Calm Theta

    Chris Mullett Evening Calm Theta