Frequently Asked Questions

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Using the Music..

Can I use the music in my therapy practice & products?

Yes: All of our tracks & collections come with licenses allowing them to be used legitimately as ambient background music for therapy or to enhance your own products such as videos, guided meditation & hypnosis downloads, CDs, podcasts & apps.

The Pro-Therapy license allows you to use the tracks as background music for therapy sessions with individual clients & group classes. You can also record individual sessions to give to your clients.

The music can also be used as relaxing ambient background music for health centres, salons, spas, waiting rooms, schools, classrooms & play areas – no public performance licenses are required.

With a Pro-Therapy+Digital Media license the tracks can be used as background music for spoken-word audio products such as hypnosis audio, guided meditations, affirmations, eLearning, self-help & voiceover recordings. You can make & sell unlimited quantities as downloads or on CD. The only restriction is that all audio products must include a spoken-word recording & be released as project with your own title.

The Pro-Therapy+Digital Media License also allows the music to be used as background music for Youtube or Vimeo videos, digital animation, film projects & mobile applications.


Is there a limit to the number of products I can make & sell?

No: With a Digital Media License you can use each track as many times as you like to create & sell unlimited quantities of your CDs, DVDs, downloads, videos & apps.   


Can I sell my products on Amazon & iTunes?

Yes: You can sell via any physical or digital stores without any restriction.

See our tutorial here..


Can I use the music in a multi-media project for a client?

Yes: But you if you use the music for multiple projects you must buy a license for each individual client.


Do I have to credit you in my products?

No: You do not have to include a credit to Silencio Music in your production although it is customary to do so.
Please credit Silencio Music and include the url:


Is the music royalty free?

Yes: You can legitimately use our music for professional purposes without having to pay any other licensing or performance fees. The price of each track or collection includes a choice of license allowing you to use the music to create wellbeing, hypnosis, meditation & other audio products, YouTube videos, eLearning tools & mobile applications. You can also use our music at your place of work without having to pay performing rights fees.


Can I use the music in my YouTube videos?

Yes: You can use the music in web videos on all platforms.
Please credit Silencio Music and include the url: in the video description.


Can I Claim Ownership of Copyright?

No: Silencio Music retains ownership of copyright but grants you the rights to use the music under the terms of the license. You can’t claim ownership of the music, even if it is modified.


Can I use the music straight away?

Yes: You can use the music as soon as you have purchased and downloaded the music from our website. You can also download the music and licenses at any time in the future via your customer account.


Is the music looped?

No: Our meditation, hypnosis & deep relaxation tracks are available in 30 & 60 minute versions. As in nearly all music of this length there are elements of natural repetition & variation but we do not use loops.


Ordering Info & Downloads..


Are my personal details safe with Silencio Music ?

Yes: We take your privacy very seriously. Your personal details or e-mail address will never be passed to third party. We do not have access to your financial & credit card details which are processed separately & securely by our partners Stripe & PayPal.


Can I get a refund?

Yes: We hope you will be happy with our music but if you change your mind we have a 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy for all of our products.


How do I access the downloads?

As soon as your order is completed, you will be taken to a page that contains links to download all versions of your music and in addition you will receive an email that contains your download links. Click on the links to save the files to your computer or mobile device.

After purchasing you can access the downloads from your customer account whenever you like.

The music files are fairly large due to the length and audio quality of the the tracks so we would recommend that you first download tracks to your computer one by one and then transfer the music to your tablet or phone if needed – this will also ensure that you have backups on your computer.


What formats are the downloads?

MP3 downloads are 320kbps (broadcast quality) music files & WAV 16-bit / 44 kHz  files are included with the Digital Media License.

Both formats can be used on all devices but the mp3 files are much smaller and therefore best suited to mobile phones & tablets. WAV files are primarily intended for high quality audio production.


Can I use the music on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes: iPhones & iPads can only accept music files via iTunes so you will need to download the tracks first to your computer or laptop and then transfer the files to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

Open iTunes on your computer > Drag the mp3 music files to your iTunes library or playlist > Connect your mobile device and sync your iTunes library across both devices.


Is the music available on CD?

No: But you can create your own CDs from the downloads using iTunes or Windows Media Player.


Do you offer discounts to non-profit orgs, charities, schools & students?

Yes: Please contact us with details of your organisation or current study course to arrange a special discount.
We also offer discounts for multiple purchases:


Can I change the currency or the language?

Yes: You can change the currency & language by using the drop-down menus at the bottom of each page.