Using Background Music for Hypnotherapy

Background music for hypnotherapy can be a very useful tool for therapists for a variety of reasons. Ambient music can help to create a calm secure environment for therapy to take place by gently encouraging therapeutic relaxation without letting outside distractions or feelings of discomfort interrupt the process. Background music during hypnotherapy sessions can also function as a hypnotic suggestion allowing a deeper more powerful experience whilst in a state of trance, helping the client to naturally maintain their inner focus whilst feeling safe and supported at all times during different stages of therapy.

Peace Trance - Background Music for Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic Music – An Aid to Hypnotic Trance

Music can have a powerful effect on our emotions and physical responses in many situations, and this can have profound significance for its therapeutic use and specifically for its beneficial role in hypnotherapy. Well crafted background music for hypnotherapy uses harmonic & rhythmic relaxation triggers on a subconscious level to allow the client to relax deeply and gently enter into deep states of hypnotic trance.

angel voices - Background Music for Hypnotherapy

A Safe Space for Inner Transformation

Using background music during hypnotherapy helps the client to calm the active mind, reduce stress responses and find a safe, secure space where inner transformation & healing can really take place without disruptive distractions or any sense of self-consciousness. Music helps the therapist to comfortably and easily sustain the ambience throughout the therapy session and to relax during periods of silence.

Ocean Sunset

What does Background Music for Hypnotherapy Sound Like?

Ideally good background music for hypnosis should be positive & pleasant to listen to but also unobtrusive so as not to distract the listener or offer any sudden surprises. It should be consistent and be tonally balanced so that it can be played at low volume for anything up to 60 minutes without gaps. Music which is gently uplifting helps us to feel more positive & can bring about an unconsciously naturally process of deep relaxation. The best music and soundscapes for hypnosis are deeply relaxing and hypnotic in themselves, maintaining a level of positive emotional engagement and subtle interest while always remaining on edge of consciousness of the lister.

TranceBeats Theta

Using Royalty-free Music for Hypnotherapy

If you use music for therapy sessions or to create hypnosis recordings and videos you must be covered by a license which allows you to use the music without risk of infringing the copyright on that music. Our simple Pro-Therapy and Digital Media Licenses instantly allow you to legitimately use the music for your practice and to create & sell your own multi-media products such as guided meditations, hypnosis & self-help audio, and monitized Youtube videos without having to pay any further royalties or fees to the composer.

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Our Philosophy

At Silencio Music we have worked with hypnotherapists and therapists from other modalities to try to create an audio resource of the highest quality. Please let us know if you have any queries or suggestions – we are always looking for ways to improve our understanding and to make better music for hypnotherapy & hypnosis products.