About Us

Silencio Music is an independent music production company with a highly regarded catalogue of music specifically composed to aid and enhance deep relaxation, meditation and hypnosis.

Chris Mullett – Composer/Producer
With over 20 years experience in composing music for meditation, hypnotherapy, relaxation and yoga I am constantly searching for new resonant sounds and musical forms and I have a deep interest in the power of music in both traditional and contemporary healing practices. I also compose music for film, theatre, dance and TV including work with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Young Vic, Channel 4 Films & Granada TV. My music combines acoustic instruments with voice, samples and ambient recordings to create flowing tracks which emanate peace, tranquility and harmony.


Customer Reviews

Kirsty Wick
I’ve used Dreamscape to make the hypno-birthing CDs for the course I teach and also when massaging clients. People always ask where I got the music from and love it. Just wanted to pass on the positive feedback and to let you know that there are babies being born to the sound of your music! What a lovely introduction to this world.


Steve, Scotland
Thanks so much for this. I have been using your Trance 2 now for background music during my massage treatments for over a year, hundreds of hours and yet I’ve never tired of it, helped by the fact that it is so beautiful and so wonderfully devoid of a penetrating structure. Ann uses Trance 1 in hypnotherapy recordings. Such great music.


Les, Clinical Hypnotherapist, London, UK
I have to say I remain as enthusiastic about your work many repetitive hours down the line as I did the first time I heard it. Your music complements a therapy session in every positive way imaginable, supporting and underpinning the spoken word with meaning and purpose whilst connecting intervening periods of spoken silence with an unobtrusive, gentle and peaceful engagement across a neural sea of synapses. The effect is entirely subtle but nonetheless awesome.


Moira, Ireland
First of all, thank you for the lovely gift of this music. It’s absolutely lovely, so gentle and easy to listen to, I floated away listening to it. I’ll be using this music for a workshop I’m running next week and I know everyone there will enjoy it as much as I have. I already bought some of your music in the past and it’s great the same high quality of good music is still there. Please keep it up.


Lisa, United Kingdom
Dreamscape is a wonderful aid to obtaining deep relaxation. It’s the one I use over and over with my Hypnotherapy Clients, as well as for myself 🙂