Using the Music: Pro-Therapy+Digital Media license

A ProTherapy+Digital Media License is included in the listed price of all of our tracks and collections allowing you to legitimately use the music as ambient background music for therapy and to create wellbeing, hypnosis, meditation & other audio products, videos, eLearning tools & mobile applications. 

The license allows you to use the tracks as background music for therapy sessions with individual clients & group classes. You can also record individual sessions to give to your clients. The music can also be used as relaxing ambient background music for health centres, salons, spas, waiting rooms, schools, classrooms & play areas – no public performance licenses are required.

With a Pro-Therapy+Digital Media license the tracks can be used as background music in a spoken-word audio product such as hypnosis audio, guided meditation, eLearning, self-help & voiceover recordings as well as allowing the music to be used as background music for Youtube or Vimeo videos, digital animation, film projects & mobile applications.

A Pro-Therapy+Digital Media License allows you to use each track within a single project & to create & sell unlimited quantities of your project: CDs, DVDs, downloads, videos & apps. 


Digital Media license: Uses
• Use the music in the production of your own digital media products
• CDs, videos, downloads, mobile apps, websites and podcasts
• Make and sell unlimited quantities of each product
• No extra royalties or licensing fees required
• Includes all Pro-Therapy Uses
• Format: MP3 & WAV

Pro-Therapy License: Uses
• Use as background music for professional therapy
• Record individual sessions for clients
• Background music for health centres, waiting rooms, salons & spas
• Background music for workplace, schools, classrooms & play areas
• No public performance licenses required
• Format: MP3

License Restrictions
The music cannot be released under a new name or re-released in its original form – you must use your title & either include the addition of spoken word or use it as a backing track within your own product.

• Our standard licenses do not cover theatrically released film, terrestrial TV, cable,  satellite TV, broadcast radio & mobile or online substitutes for traditional television or radio broadcast. Broadcast and theatrically released film licenses are available if needed.

• Our licence does not allow the music to be used in ‘audio only’ videos displaying a static or series of static images. The music must be used either as background music to spoken word or as soundtrack to a genuine audio/visual video project.

• The standard licence covers use of each track in a single project. If you use the music for multiple projects you must buy a license for each project.

• You do not have to include a credit to Silencio Music in your production although it is customary to do so.

Custom Branded Licenses

Own brand audio products and playlists are a highly effective way to bring sustained customer loyalty to your business. Custom CDs make excellent gifts or retail products to enhance your business’s brand image and visibility.  Promote your spa, health centre, hotel, website or publication with this blissful music. Please get in touch to find out more about custom CDs, downloads & original music.


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