Uplifting healing ambience with alpha binaural beats – perfect background music for therapeutic relaxation, stress-relief, bodywork & yoga. Over 90 minutes of continuous blissful music..

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• Pro-Therapy+Digital-Media Licenses • 30/60 minute MP3 & WAV versions • No public performance licenses required • 30 Day money back guarantee

Use the music legitimately in therapy sessions, health centres, schools, spas & salons and to enhance your audio products, downloads, videos, podcasts & apps without needing any other public performance licenses.


BINAURAL BEATS When two sounds with slightly different frequencies are heard simultaneously the sounds combine to form a rhythmic pulse knowns as a binaural tone or binaural beat. The frequency of the pulse depends on the difference in frequencies of the two original sounds – if the first sound is 400Hz and the second is 380Hz the resulting binaural tone will have a frequency of 20Hz.

Delta Waves 0.5 – 4 Hz Occur during periods of deep dreamless sleep and are linked to healing, recovery and pain relief.

Alpha Waves 7 – 13 Hz are linked to creativity and the state of conscious relaxation and calmness. Beta Waves 13 – 40 Hz are known to be predominant during periods of concentration, activity, anxiety and arousal.

Gamma Waves 40 – 70 Hz are associated with higher mental functioning including, perception, intelligent problem solving, self awareness, compassion as well as emotional responses such as happiness and fear.

Theta Waves 4 – 7 Hz are associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

Binaural tones can be used very effectively to entrain brainwave patterns by targeting frequencies usually within the Alpha, Theta and Delta ranges. They can be used as pure tones, or embedded within ambient music, natural sounds such as ocean waves, or within different kinds of noise. The entrainment process works best using headphones but can also be experienced using stereo speakers – make sure your ears are the same distance from each speaker!


Silencio Music is an independent music production company with a focus on high quality ambient music for hypnosis, meditation & therapeutic relaxation. The music is based on clinical research & healing traditions and has been specially composed in collaboration with practitioners to produce an audio library of tracks specifically tailored to the needs of health professionals & therapists.

Our licenses allow you to legitimately use our tracks and collections both as therapeutic background music and to create your own guided meditations, hypnosis audio products, videos, websites & mobile applications.

Chris Mullett – Founder & Composer
My music combines both acoustic & digital instruments with voice & ambient recordings to create flowing tracks which emanate peace, tranquility and harmony. I am constantly searching for new resonant sounds, rhythms & musical forms & have a deep interest in the power of music in both traditional and contemporary healing practices. I have over 20 years experience in composing music for meditation, hypnotherapy, relaxation and yoga & also compose music for film, theatre, dance and TV including work with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Young Vic, Channel 4 Films & Granada TV.

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