Binaural Beats for Hypnosis & Meditation

delta zone

The brain produces very small rhythmic electrical pulses which are called brainwave patterns. These patterns can be observed using electroencephalograph (EEG) scanning equipment. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second (Hz) and are produced by different areas of the brain throughout the day and night.

Delta Waves
0.5 – 4 Hz Occur during periods of deep dreamless sleep and are linked to healing, recovery and pain relief.

Theta Waves
4 – 7 Hz are associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

Alpha Waves 
7 – 13 Hz are linked to creativity and the state of conscious relaxation and calmness.

Beta Waves
13 – 40 Hz are known to be predominant during periods of concentration, activity, anxiety and arousal.

Gamma Waves 
40 – 70 Hz are associated with higher mental functioning including, perception, intelligent problem solving, self awareness, compassion as well as emotional responses such as happiness and fear.