Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of natural relaxation & stress relief and has been practiced in many cultures and civilisations for thousands of years. More recently the emergence of modern sound therapy has lead to an increasing body of research showing the physiological & psychological benefits of sound healing but you only have to hear the sound of the ocean waves or a babbling stream to feel the transformational power and the positive benefits of healing sound. Harmonic vibrations created by overtone-emitting instruments such as tuned percussion, singing bowls & gongs can stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves associated with a deep meditative and restful state that is highly conducive to healing – a sound massage for the body, mind & soul.

Some of the positive effects of sound healing, sound meditation & gong baths are..
• Induces deep relaxation, calming the mind and helping to release muscle tension
• Lowers anxiety & stress and lead to improved sleep
• Enhanced mental focus, creativity, concentration, awareness & insight
• Awaken a sense of physical and mental harmony and an increased sense of welbeing
• Effective natural pain relief and can promote faster recovery from injury & illnesses

Create a sonic space for renewal, reflection and transformation with this powerful music, the perfect musical ambience for relaxing at home as well as for #yoga, #pilates, #massage, #healing therapies and #bodywork. Lie down in a warm and comfortable place, and be totally immersed in blissful sound and vibration. Hit play and de-stress!


Silencio Music is an independent music production company with a focus on high quality ambient music for hypnosis, meditation & therapeutic relaxation. The music is based on clinical research & healing traditions and has been specially composed in collaboration with practitioners to produce an audio library of tracks specifically tailored to the needs of health professionals & therapists.

Our licenses allow you to legitimately use our tracks and collections both as therapeutic background music and to create your own guided meditations, hypnosis audio products, videos, websites & mobile applications.

Chris Mullett – Founder & Composer
My music combines both acoustic & digital instruments with voice & ambient recordings to create flowing tracks which emanate peace, tranquility and harmony. I am constantly searching for new resonant sounds, rhythms & musical forms & have a deep interest in the power of music in both traditional and contemporary healing practices.

I have over 20 years experience in composing music for meditation, hypnotherapy, relaxation and yoga & also compose music for film, theatre, dance and TV including work with The Royal Shakespeare Company, The Young Vic, Channel 4 Films & Granada TV.