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Using Therapeutic Music in your Practice..

Relaxation music is widely used alongside holistic and alternative therapies and its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and enhancing relaxation has been well documented.

When dealing with the sensitive structures of the human body, sounds and especially music from our surroundings interact with the body, having an effect on breath, muscle tension, pulse, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and the nervous system. Listening to relaxation music can have an amazing effect on all off these functions simultaneously, enhancing deep relaxation and bringing a sense of harmony and serenity and spiritual wellbeing to the patent who will therefore be more responsive to treatment.

Soothing music in a therapeutic situation can help us to reach inside and to get in touch with our emotions and to open up and be receptive to healing energy and treatments with less stress related blockages. Music offers a powerful way to enhance the healing process because it can be a direct route to our inner self and an intimate connection with the human spirit.

Relaxation music for therapy should be melodic and based on slow repetitive rhythms – around 60 – 80 beats per minute is ideal. It should be engaging enough to hold the imagination without being too distracting and played just loud enough to cut out disturbing or unpredictable background noise forming a kind of serene musical cocoon within which deep healing can take place.

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