What is Relaxation Music?

Ever since the first musician sang the first song and played the first drum music has been used as a powerful healing tool. More recently medical research from across the world has shown the remarkable therapeutic qualities relaxation music can have in treating many different conditions ranging from muscular tension and stress relief to pain management, sleeping problems and depression, as well as memory loss and speech therapy.

Relaxation music can lower the heart rate and blood pressure, help to regulate breathing as well as encourage the production of endorphins and other pain and stress reducing hormones. Listening to relaxing music also stimulates the production of natural anti depressants such as seratonin and helps the brain to produce beneficial low frequency alpha brain waves.

Listening to soothing melodic and rhythmic music is a gentle joyous way to lower stress levels, alleviate muscle tension and enhance the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of relaxation. Many people enjoy taking time out to relax and listen to music or put it on when having a bath, but playing quiet relaxation music in the background while working can be equally beneficial and have lasting therapeutic effects. Similarly listening whilst driving can help to counter the stressful effects of dealing with traffic jams while relaxation music on long haul flights can help to overcome travel fatigue and insomnia.

Calming relaxing music played by the bedside can aid sleep and then help to keep you asleep. Relaxation music can also be used throughout the day to help deal with ‘flat spots’ of tiredness or depression or to calm the mind and body before stressful situations such as seeing a doctor or dentist or an important job interview.

Music can enhance relaxation during other therapies such as massage or aromatherapy, and recent research has confirmed that heart rate and blood pressure remains more stable throughout any stressful situation or medical procedure when listening to relaxation music.

Whether listening in the bath, whilst having a massage or other therapy or any other time the benefical effects of relaxation can be further enhanced by listening to blissful music.


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